Sean Anderson

Hearing scientist and statistician.


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Hi! I’m Sean. I’m the Senior Auditory Research Scientist on a research and development team for the company Cochlear’s location in Lone Tree, CO. My job is to help design and test algorithms for sound processing in cochlear implants. I also collaborate with the Tollin lab and other groups at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. My role focuses on designing new techniques to diagnose hearing loss, building software tools for research, and serving as a statistician. For more details on my original resarch, click here.

In addition to performing research, I provide freelance statistical consulting and tutoring. I also like to play music and learn about wilderness and emergency medicine.

I completed a brief postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. While there, I worked as a statistician on multiple research teams and completed research on the use of auditory brainstem responses to diagnose hearing loss. I received my PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders and my Master of Science in Biometry (now renamed Applied Statistics) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2022. I completed my doctoral research with Ruth Litovsky in the Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab. I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Psychology, with a minor in Statistics from Baldwin Wallace University in 2015. While there, I studied neural development in the presence of anesthetics. During the summers, I traveled to College Park, Maryland and Portland, Oregon to study spatial hearing and pitch perception.